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The thinking behind it all

Today's consumers are more empowered, more skeptical and more frugal than ever before. How do you launch or revitalize a brand while increasing brand loyalty in "Frugalnomics," the current frugal economy?

Your brand experience is comprised of a series of touch points, such as retail, tradeshows, events, online presence, etc. Each touch point is an opportunity to impress and engage your audience by exceeding their expectations while communicating your brand's vision and values. Many brands continuously neglect these opportunities. Instead, they add to the noise of an estimated 3000 new messages that beg for attention every day, leaving their consumer overwhelmed and unresponsive.
A different approach is needed!

Brauweiler creates remarkable brand experiences that prove to consumers that you understand their needs. By building an emotional connection between your brand and your audience, we help you stand out from the competition. Ultimately, the experience creates positive word-of-mouth and earned media for your brand, the most influential factors in the decision-making process of today's consumer.


One-off strategies rarely have lasting impact and creating sustained positive word-of-mouth is not easy. Engaging consumers through remarkable brand experiences takes time and requires a long-term strategy. Brauweiler develops strategies to keep your brand experience fresh and engaging over time. We optimize the experience and leverage it as a point of differentiation to attract more customers and increase your revenue.

Our goal is to turn your audience into repeat customers and loyal brand advocates.

If you're a brand manage, ask yourself: "What conversations does my brand start?"

While you're at it, take a look at our blog where our president and founder, Achim Brauweiler, discusses some very interesting projects, covering a multitude of strategies from various industries.



What we do
  • We’re experiential designers, storytellers and loyalty agents.
  • We revitalize brands and help new ones get off to a good start.
  • We maximize the business potential of our partners and clients through meaningful interactions with their audiences.
  • We aim to improve internal/external behavior to create an engaging brand culture.


The strategies and tactics we develop enable audiences to create an emotional connection with the brand/organization, leading to increased loyalty and trust.
The result is positive and sustained word-of-mouth and earned media that drive performance, increase sales, and turn consumers into repeat customers and loyal brand advocates. 


Some brands/organizations need to start over from square one to strategically define the brand platform. Only a clear definition of who you are, what you do, whom you are addressing and why your audience should care will enable you to find your uniqueness, establish your values, and create your brand-specific culture.

Find out more about our services.



What exactly is experiential design?

Experiential design is the practice of designing products, processes, services, events, and environments with a focus on quality user experiences and culturally relevant solutions. It's driven by moments of engagement (points of contact) between people and your brand/organization, and the ideas, emotions, and memories that these moments create. We aim to identify existing points of contact and create new ones, while establishing a consistent narrative. The interventions invite the audience to participate and interact with the brand. Every point of contact is potentially a social object (see FAQ section) to entice your audience to talk about the experience.

The goal of experiential design is to develop strategies and tactics that engage your audience and create an emotional connection based on your brand's vision and values. As such, experiential design generates conversational opportunities, positive and sustained word-of-mouth, and editorial content for media.

Have a look at our blog. Our founder/president Achim Brauweiler talks about some very interesting experiential projects, covering a multitude of strategies from various industries. The blog will give you a good idea of the scope and potential impact of experiential design.



A bit about our founder

Achim Brauweiler has a bachelor's degree in audio-visual design and multimedia from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht and has been working on design and communications projects for over 12 years. After moving to Montreal in 2004, Achim worked as senior art director and co-creative director for TAXI, Cossette and Sid Lee, before starting his own business: Brauweiler.
Today, Brauweiler consists of a diverse network of specialists who collaborate on a multitude of projects for clients from various industries.
Achim is driven by his passion for all things related to art and design. That's why he chooses to focus his business around experiential strategies that help brands and organizations to (re-) connect with their audiences.




Parting is such sweet sorrow. Instead, let's stay in touch.

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