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adidas (for Sid Lee)
Redesign the adidas Originals Stores, Worldwide


Create an inviting shopping environment that encourages customers to celebrate originality, in keeping with the brand’s core values

We designed the retail spaces to reflect the spirit of an "atelier" (an artist workshop where people meet, work and share ideas). The store plans evoke creativity, a sense of history, craftsmanship, education, and fun. At the same time, the space encourages customers to interact with the products. The highlights of these new stores include an area where customers can design their own sneakers, as well as an interactive video wall where people can take, upload and print photos. Also, a library with books on art, design, culture and sport was added to encourage customers to hang out, be inspired or discover something new.

Company directors and staff love the new Originals stores and consider them an enormous success.


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