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Artemano (for Écorce)
Storefront window interventions


In connection with the re-branding of Artemano, the agency Écorce invited us to develop a series of strategies and interventions. The goal was to help passersby discover this small chain of Indian-inspired furniture and lifestyle stores.

Our goal was to create attention, entice passersby to enter the store and differentiate Artemano in a highly competitive environment. Taking inspiration from its Indian heritage, we developed various tactics and ideas. The exterior and interior entrance areas as well as the storefront windows offered the most effective opportunity to break away from consumer expectations and create an effect that would generate interest in the store and its merchandise. Some of our key developments for this project included: stencil-type paintings outside the storefront, Henna-like illustrations in the window, huge golden Buddha statues greeting customers and an intriguing light-installation that is updated regularly with Artemano merchandise.

Artemano was excited about the ideas and has already started implementing the strategies. So far the company has attracted a lot of attention with the beautiful window dressings.


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