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Canadian Centre for Architecture (for Bluesponge)
Website introduction


Introduce the CCA's new website at the 20 Year Anniversary Event and entice the audience to explore and interact with it.

A platform for exchanging ideas, the CCA's new website invites users to explore. The goal was to translate the online experience, characterized by research and exploration, into the center's physical space, without taking over the entire museum. The installation consisted of several interventions, each with its own style of communication. The centerpiece was a giant screen connected to other individual screens placed randomly throughout the space. While the big screen showed an animation depicting the website experience in a stylized narrative, the individual screens each highlighted different sections of the website. The screens were visually connected through an illuminated network of green fibre optic cables. The fibres spanned the whole space, like arteries of information, creating an impressive iconic effect. The network invited the audience to explore the space as they would explore the virtual space. Additional stations where visitors could blog, upload photos or just roam the site enabled a hands-on experience of the new website.

The installation helped introduce the new website to the huge number of visitors. Many user-generated photos were uploaded and countless comments populated the blog.


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