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Canadian Centre for Architecture
Christmas campaign for the bookstore


Position the CCA bookstore as a unique destination for Christmas shopping.

A two-platform strategy was employed to interact with the audience using conventional and non-conventional interventions. A bilingual print campaign developed for metro and newspapers highlighted the specialized nature of the bookstore's catalogue. We used white font on a neon orange background to make a powerful statement and differentiate the ads from the standard Christmas green and red. In a second step, various events were developed to entice various target groups to visit the bookstore. We wanted offer more than just books and turn the bookstore into a hub that entertains and educates. Due to time restrictions, only one event was actionable and the CCA was able to offer a free course on architectural gift-wrapping. A specialist was invited on a Sunday afternoon to instruct visitors on how to wrap a present origami-style.

The bright orange posters really stood out in the metro, and the event turned the bookstore into a lively work space, attracting young families and seniors alike, who either brought a present to wrap or bought one from the bookstore. The activity gave the museum an opportunity to create photo content for use on various social media channels.


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