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Canadian Museum of Civilization
IMAX theatre


Improve market share and top-of-mind awareness for the IMAX Theatre.

Step one of the process consisted of a branding exercise to reposition the theatre, with its strong focus on documentary-type films. What used to be a place that sells movie tickets has now become a destination of discovery, exploration and entertainment within the region. We brought the museum's new brand position to life through a series of interventions reflecting two distinct aspects of the iMAX Thatre:
1. Storytelling and entertainment;
2. The theatre's superior technical features.

Focusing on positive word-of-mouth and earned media as the main tool to generate awareness, we opted for a series of marketing strategies to communicate the museum's vision and values. These tactics and interventions were designed to engage the public in remarkable and unusual ways, and especially to attract, engage and entertain children, parents, teachers and seniors.

The museum is excited about the new direction for the IMAX Theatre. They are currently implementing the strategies we developed.


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