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Pre-launch interventions


Create awareness and engagement for a new, high-end, supermarket in downtown Montreal and attract followers on social media.

During the final stages of the construction (2 weeks before the opening), we used the storefront windows as our space to interact with foodies through a quiz-based competition. Every day, a different question related to a FOU D'ICI product was asked, introducing the brand's differentiating factors (high quality and local/regional produce) in a playful way. We used big black boards for the communication, knowing that the same elements would become an integral part of the finished retail environment. Every day for two weeks, a $25 FOU D'ICI gift card was awarded to a lucky winner. To participate, users had to "like" the company on Facebook or follow it on Twitter. At the end of the two weeks, all participants had an additional chance to win the grand prize, which consisted in a gourmet four-course meal for six friends at the winner's home.

Before the store was open or had sold a single item, we were able to introduce a new brand and its values. Our efforts generated a significant level of brand awareness (thousands of people) in the downtown area, as we surpassed our goal of 500 "likes" for the FOU D'ICI Facebook page.


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