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A bit about myself

I love engaging experiences that start conversations and connect people around shared values. Moments that makes people want to know more about a brand, a place, a product or service; interactions that foster a bond between a brand and its audience. Whether it’s a trade-show experience that communicates a brand’s sustainability efforts, the launch of a premium supermarket with a focus on local products or a museum aiming to increase top of mind awareness.
Creating engagement and improving a brand’s perceptions and reputation is crucial for my work in order to generate positive and sustained word of mouth for my clients. I focus on quality user experiences and culturally relevant solutions, when I design and (co-) develop events and environments.Whenever possible, I inject art and cultural aspects into my projects, which is not just loads of fun for me. It also helps the brand connect with its audience beyond the purchase of a product and communicate its vision and values in a memorable way.

In order to develop such experiences I carefully examine a brand’s vision and values and translate them into a signature brand experience that resonates deeply with its audience and leaves the consumer wanting more.


I have a bachelor's degree in audio-visual design and multimedia from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. I have been working on design and communications projects for over 15 years in Germany, the Netherlands and Canada and I'm driven by my passion for all things related to art and design. After moving to Montreal in 2004, I worked as senior art director and co-creative director for TAXI, Cossette and Sid Lee.



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