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McConnell Foundation


Develop a brand position, visual identity and collaterals for a new nationwide initiative aimed at the community-oriented sector.

Innoweave is a new initiative that operates an open and evolving educational platform for community organizations and social enterprises in Canada. In a first step, we worked to define the Innoweave brand from a strategic point of view, involving the key stakeholders in a series of workshop sessions. A comprehensive brand guide, based on the outcome of the workshop sessions, was the result and marked the end of the first stage. In a second step, the visual identity and collaterals were developed. The combination of fun and friendly colours with tech-inspired shapes reflects on the two key aspects of the initiative: its open and approachable nature and its improvement of strategic procedures of the project. Innoweave brings various players from different backgrounds together to solve a problem and create something new.

The client is applying the brand strategy and uses the material we developed for every touch point along the experience path.

"My organization wanted to create a unique branding for our initiative that would set us apart, and [Brauweiler] guided us through some important steps to achieve this. Starting from developing an identity for our initiative, as well as producing a logo, signage, and video lead-in, Brauweiler brought us to a point where we were able to create a significant media impact with our communications."
Kevin Chin,
PhD Knowledge and Evaluation Officer,
The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation


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