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Liquid Nutrition (for Sid Lee)
Our brand


Develop a unique brand voice and identity for Liquid Nutrition, a Montreal-based smoothie bar, to distinguish it from its competitors.

Since the company logo and colors had already been established by a third party, we created a strategy that ensured a consistent brand story throughout the whole consumer experience. Specifically, this involved defining the tone and manner, and establishing distinctive names for each of the products. We used typography as the main graphic device because it conveys the principle of education, which was a very important quality for the client. The primary message about health and well-being was delivered using a humoristic tone. We conceived a number of "SYMPTOMS OF WELLNESS" as well as original smoothie names, such as: Joy, Kick, Glow, Bliss, Perk, etc.

The client is extremely pleased with the creative direction and is gradually implementing our ideas throughout their branches in Toronto and New York City.


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