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RONA adidas Insight #1
Trade show experience to
communicate RONA's sustainability
New store concept for adidas
Study by LSE (Londons School of Economics)
Canadian Museum of Civilization Red Bull Artemano
Customer experience optimization to
increase top-of-mind awareness
Engaging spaces for Red Bull's
headquarters in Canada
Storefront window interventions to attract attention and entice a visit


Insight #2 Canadian Centre for Architecture Cirque du Soleil
Charlie Horsey, President and CEO
of MKTG, Event and experiential
marketing specialists for companies
like Nike and Google
Installations and interventions to
introduce the new website during the
20 Year Anniversary celebrations
VIP experience for the Beatles LOVE
show in Las Vegas
FOU D'ICI McConnell Family Foundation Canadian Centre for Architecture
Pre-launch interventions to create
awareness of a new high-end
Innoweave brand platform &
visual identity
Christmas campaign for the bookstore
Liquid Nutrition Insight #3 Canadian Museum of Civilization
Unique brand position and essential
brand characteristics
Max Lenderman, "Experience the Message" New brand position for the IMAX

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