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Sustainability experience


Communicate RONA's position as an industry leader of sustainable business practices and introduce two lines of eco-responsible products.

A modular, three-part installation to engage the public with RONA's sustainability efforts. It incites responsible consumerism and creates allegiance to both lines of eco products. We built three houses to focus on the three distinct aspects of RONA's sustainability efforts:
1: waste reduction,
2: energy conservation,
3: community improvements.

Each house invites the audience to explore one subject; we utilized everyday objects in a surprising context. Fun facts, combined with the product's ecological and social benefits are presented in an unexpected, engaging and playful way. A fourth and more conceptual space, created by the rear sections of the three houses, introduces the two eco-responsible lines of products. In this space, guests are offered advice on sustainable construction practices and shown an overview of the various efforts that make RONA a Canadian industry leader for sustainable business practices.

The client is excited to send the sustainability experience on tour and a second phase is already planned. In keeping line with the sustainability theme, the houses were built from reclaimed wood, while other used materials were either recycled or will be given a second life at the end of the project.


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