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  • "Bang"
    Single touch point interventions that leave lasting impressions

    Your benefit: Independence • Expertise • Explosive Results

  • Bang is be for you, if you have clearly defined problem and know what you want to achieve but only have a small window of opportunity. We'll develop the concept and help you bring it life.
    Examples: product launch, special event, tradeshow, store opening, etc.
    Step 1: Goals
    Defining goals and success metrics
    Step 2: Ideas
    Developing ideas and concepts to get your message across and achieve the desired outcome.
    Step 3: Execution
    Execute ideas and engage your audience in order to leave lasting impressions.
    "Bang" is designed for brands and organizations that need support for a single touch point of the brand experience.

    You're launching a product, open a store or want to introduce a new service?
    Give us a call (514.464.1001) or send us an email: info@brauweiler.ca

  • "Flex"
    A multi touch point approach to incrementally optimize your brand experience

    Your benefit: Flexibility • Expertise • Access •  Low Risk • Low Cost

  • "Flex" is a flexible and custom-made approach designed to uncover your brand's hidden opportunities to take your brand/organization to the next level. As a temporary member of your marketing team, we guide the optimization process and work together on all relevant aspects of the brand experience. Through an iterative process, taking internal and external aspects into consideration, we improve your brand experience in four simple steps.
    Step 1: Objectives
    Defining objectives, a framework to measure success and the desired outcome.
    Keyword: accountability
    Step 2: Analysis
    A brief analysis of the brand's situation "as is": Where do we stand? What has been done? What worked? What didn't? Why?
    Step 3: Ideas
    Developing ideas, tactics and strategies to improve the brand experience for all internal and external touch points between brand, audience and employee.
    Step 4: Adjust and Improve
    Through an iterative and incremental process, using feedback loops, the strategies are implemented to gradually improve the brand experience to achieve the outlined goals.

    Find out what's the thinking behind it.

    "Flex" is for you, if you need input on how to leverage the full potential of your brand experience to attract more customers.

    Want to know how to optimize your brand experience to improve brand performance?
    Give us a call (514.464.1001) or send us an email: info@brauweiler.ca



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