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"A must-have partner when seeking to break the norm"

"I had the opportunity to work with Achim on the RONA account. He was a solid partner. We faced numerous challenges while establishing the strategy in addition to working under extremely tight time constraints. From the onset, there was a sizeable quantity of content to distill in order to develop a sound design solution. Achim streamlined the information and produced a compelling strategy that served as the foundation for the final design solution. He is a talented professional who brings depth and insight to the table. He is a skilled strategist and meticulous in his approach.


He is also a fabulous team player. I particularly believe that Achim's broad sense and exposure to all things art and design makes of him a must-have partner when seeking to break the norm. He is a thinker, articulate, passionate, and challenges ideas in order to produce value-added solutions that have a lasting impact. I look forward to working with Achim again. His business ethics as well as the high quality of work he produces makes him the perfect addition to any team looking to make a real impact."

Jason Shatilla, Owner



"His ideas and insights have greatly contributed to our events' success"

"Achim has worked with The SWAP Team to help us create memorable experiences at our events. He thoroughly understands how to translate a brand's mission and values into unique experiences.


We consider Achim an invaluable collaborator and his ideas and insights have greatly contributed to our events' success."

Aleece Germano, Chair of Board
The SWAP team


"His involvement is so crucial to the success of their projects"

"I have seen the benefits of working with Achim first hand. He helped us to develop LODA’s own brand platform. I understand the value he adds to our projects and what he brings to the table, even though I sometimes have a hard time explaining to our clients why his involvement is so crucial to the success of their projects.
His input had positive impact on many aspects of LODA. It helped the direction to develop a better long-term strategy and made internal processes much easier. The result of his work enabled me to develop a value-based presentation for potential clients that really set us apart from the competition. It’s much easier to sell our services now, because I have a better understanding of our customers’ needs and can to steer them in the right direction - something that would have been difficult without his input


After having worked with Achim on several occasions (and having enjoyed the process every time) I can attest to the fact that he is passionate about his work, very knowledgeable and is not afraid to challenge the status quo. He explains things very clearly and is able to support his statements with the right examples. He is thorough in his approach and has good leadership skills. Combine that with very fair pricing and you understand why we have already worked with him on three individual projects/brands.
We’re even looking for more ways to implicate Achim, in order to facilitate better services to our clients."

Mario Fasciano, Senior art director and associate/partner,


"We were able to create a significant media impact"

"My organization wanted to create a unique branding for our initiative that would set us apart, and Achim guided us through some important steps to achieve this. Starting from developing an identity for our initiative, as well as producing a logo, signage, and video lead-in,


Brauweiler brought us to a point where we were able to create a significant media impact with our communications."

Kevin Chin, PhD Knowledge and Evaluation Officer,
The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation




"I highly recommend Achim"

"Achim is a detailed, creative, reliable art director. He has the rare quality of being artistically talented and yet able to communicate effectively in a business environment. Achim can take a little piece of information and build you a complete business solution.


He listened very well to our needs and understood our expectations. I highly recommend Achim to anyone looking for someone to increase his sales!"

Karim Lechilli. Advisor and project manager for intelligent management systems



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